Maximise Profits with Smart Stock Control Management Software Integration

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Inventory Optimisation

Ensure Right Mix & Amount of Inventory On Hand

Custom Pricing

3-Tier Selling Price with Sub-Stock Options

Centralised Inventory

Easily Manage Orders, Sales and Deliveries

Unique Product and Category Codes

Use Inventory Trends to Maximise Your Resources

Identify Your Bestselling Items and Ensure You Always Have Them in Stock

Pinpoint your most profitable products and always have the right amount of stock on hand with Win Accounting’s Integrated Stock Management. Make informed data-backed purchases based on inventory trends.

Effortlessly Manage and Create Custom Pricing Across All Business Channels

Grow brand loyalty that bolsters customer retention by setting up custom pricing for deserving client groups. Win Accounting’s Stock Management presents a 3-tier selling price, as well as a sub-stock option.

Strengthen Inventory Turnover by Having the Right Stock in the Right Place

Avoid overstocking and stock-outs with Win Accounting’s Stock Management Software. Save time and enhance the value of products by keeping your more profitable goods on hand, while decreasing stock levels on slow-moving items.

Enjoy Multi-Company & Multi-User Setup, Ideal for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Ideal for small and medium sized enterprises, Win Accounting allows you to setup multiple companies and multiple users, perfect for accountants and bookkeepers. Set unique permission levels and assign them with ease.

Accounting Reports for Enhanced Stock Control Management

Better Visualise and Connect With Your Business Data

  • ABC Analysis Report

Use ABC Analysis to categorise the impact of your different inventory items. Save time and money using this data to better forecast the demand for products, managing your stock levels accordingly.


  • Inventory Turnover Report

Use the stock over sales comparison report to more efficiently manage your inventory and sales. Ensure your products aren’t eating up your working capital or becoming obsolete.


  • Slow Moving Stock Report

Increase inventory turnover by identifying and keeping fewer slow moving stock items on hand. Use the data to effectively focus your capital onto your most profitable items.

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