Visualise, Connect and Engage with your Business Analysis to Make Smart Data-Backed Decisions

“How does Win Accounting’s smart accounting reports work?” is one of the most common questions that we’re asked, and more importantly, “how will these financial reports help my business?”

In short, our smart accounting reports utilise the data from your Win Acc accounts and integrated modules to provide you with valuable analysis that aids you in better visualising, connecting and engaging with your business data.

Use this indispensable analysis to make smart data-backed business decisions and gain vital insights into profitability, inventory turnover, business costs, customer retention, and many other valuable key performance indicators (KPIs).

To better answer the question of “how will Win Accounting’s Accounting Reports software help my business?”, let’s delve into some of the most-used smart accounting reports across the various Win Acc modules, and mention the many benefits that each offers.

Debtors Control / Accounts Receivable Accounting Reports

Audit Trails & Sales Statistics

Audit Trail Accounting Reports provide a detailed rundown of all transactions posted in your accounts receivable, providing a step-by-step history of every transaction.

Audit Trails are broken down into the Stock Audit Trail, Debtor Audit Trail and the Batch Control Report.

Use the Stock Audit Trail Report to keep track of all products sold or services rendered – Visually connecting with the data enables you to more easily identify any weaknesses and work to improve internal controls.

Besides keeping track of all your inventory levels and values, this report, used in conjunction with the Product Analysis Report, can also provide valuable data to help you identify your bestselling and slow-moving products.
This makes it possible for you to make informed stock management and marketing decisions.

Use the Debtor Audit Trail Report and the Customer Analysis Report to easily analyse all transactions for a specific customer (or a specific customer group).

These report can play a vital role in helping to analyse various customer metrics and client-related KPIs, including customer retention, customer acquisition costs, repeat purchase rates and more.

Use the Batch Control Report to analyse your transaction batches, use the filters to hone in on your various batches over a period of time and use this valuable data to predict trends, evaluate marketing efforts, formulate budgets and forecasts, and more.

Use the Salesman Analysis Report to ensure success and enhance the efficiency of your Sales Team. This report helps make commission management much easier, as you can visually track each sale, and the commission involved.
Assign unique Salesman Codes to keep track of each member of your Sales Force, and reward those that stand out from the rest!

Age Analysis Report

The Age Analysis Report can be used to quickly and easily determine which invoices are overdue for payment.

This report breaks down your outstanding invoices and amounts into “Current”, “30 Days”, “60 Days”, “90 Days”, “120 Days” and “150 Days”.

Easily track and stay up-to-date with the total amounts due for each customer – use this report as a collection tool, with client’s contact information easily accessible to aid in speeding up the process.

Creditors Control / Accounts Payable Accounting Reports

Purchase Analysis: Product, Supplier & Document Analysis

The Purchase Analysis Reports provide massive amounts of important information that can be used to enhance your ordering and purchase process.

Purchase Analysis/Statistics Reports can be broken down into Product Analysis, Supplier Analysis and Document Analysis.

Product Analysis provides data regarding your various product purchases – this can play a vital role in improving business budgeting.
Product Analysis can also assist you in identifying your most common purchases, and most popular vendors.
Cut holding costs and prevent overstocking by easily pinpointing your slow-moving inventory items.

Use the Supplier Analysis to easily view, manage and track off transactions between you and your vendors.
Enhance the efficiencies of your business resources by analysing how much, how often and when you pay your suppliers.
This report, along with Document Analysis, can also be used to help determine whether your business is capitalising on all early payment discounts offered by your suppliers

Negotiate better invoice payment terms, visualise your cash flow and keep track of late payments using the Purchase Analysis Reports

Age Analysis

Create an informed business budget that accurately caters for future expenses.

Identify how much you owe your suppliers at any point in time and use the data to better handle your cash flow and timed payments.

The Creditors Control Age Analysis Report breaks down your accounting data into the following columns: “Current”, “30 Days”, “60 Days”, “90 Days”, “120 Days” and “150 Days”.

Use the easy filter criteria to hone in on specific invoices, suppliers or supplier groups – Easily save and export the report for easy access and sharing.

Stock Control / Inventory Management Accounting Reports

ABC Analysis

Use the ABC Analysis Report to easily categorise the impact of your different inventory items.

Split stock items into 3 categories according to how well they sell and how much they cost your business to hold.

This makes it possible for you to separate your most important products from your least important ones, making it easier for you to more efficiently use your business resources.

Use this valuable data and analysis to better forecast the demand for products – managing your inventory levels accordingly.

By optimising your inventory control and reducing obsolete items, you can enjoy reduced working capital costs.

Using this smart accounting report will present you with various benefits, including:

> Ability to identify more strategic pricing
> Enhance end of life management
> Negotiate better terms with your suppliers
> Improve resource allocation

Inventory Turnover

The “Stock Over Sales” inventory turnover report is used to analyse how effectively your company is able to sell the inventory that it purchases.

Manage your inventory and sales more efficiently using this key inventory management report.

This can aid you in ensuring that no products or stock items are using up your working capital – or becoming obsolete.

Use this valuable data to visualise any circumstances where overspending has taken place, or whether your business is losing money due to unnecessary holding costs.

The Inventory Turnover Report can easily be used in conjunction with other Stock Control smart accounting reports to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your budget/forecasting techniques.

Tweak your marketing and sales procedures, improve discount terms with your suppliers, and identify top selling products with ease!

Slow Moving Stock

Identify your slow moving stock items using the Win Accounting Slow Moving Stock Report.

Easily enter a “From Date” – This will identify all Stock Items that have remained static from the entered date, up until your current accounting date.

Increase your inventory turnover rate with aid from this smart accounting report –
Use it to apply additional marketing or incentives on your slow moving items, increasing their popularity; or use the analysis to ensure that fewer slow moving stock items are kept on hand.

With this vital data at your disposal, you’ll be able to recognise and focus your capital much more effectively towards your more popular and top selling products!


Stock Usage

Receive valuable Stock Usage data with a click of a button – choose to receive a Weekly Stock Usage Report or a Monthly Stock Usage Report

Use this analysis to improve the accuracy of your forecasting and budgeting, and tweak your sales and marketing procedures accordingly.

Win Accounting makes it possible to filter your Stock Usage Report based on a specific Store, Product, or Product Category, allowing you to pinpoint the exact data and analysis that will help you achieve greatness!


Inventory Audit Trail

As inventory is a leading expense for small to medium sized businesses, making use of accurate and regular stock audits can aid you in better budgeting for inventory costs.

The Stock Audit Report provides you with vital data regarding a company’s total stock of physical goods – matched against the corresponding accounting records.

This makes it easy for you to receive a full picture of the financial health of your company and inventory – Use the analysis to better optimise your stock control and ensure you have the right amount and mix of stock on hand at all times!

Stock Audit Reports are especially important for manufacturing companies that convert raw materials into finished goods.
Win Accounting’s Stock Control makes it easy for you to create custom Stock Recipes, creating unique bill of quantities that make it easy to track and manage every stage of the production process.

Filter your Stock Audit Trails by Store, Product, Product Category and/or Supplier.

General Ledger Accounting Reports

Financial Reports

The Win Accounting Financial Accoutning Reports within the General Ledger Module contain vital financial statements and reports used for conducting fundamental business and accounting analysis.

Some of the most commonly used financial reports include:

Trial Balance

The Trial Balance is used to prove the arithmetical accuracy of your accounting books.

This is done by checking and comparing your debit and credit balances, providing a consolidated list of all ledger balances with a click of a button.

The Trial Balance is used when preparing final accounts of your business – it can also be used to locate any accounting errors, and to determine the profitably of your company.

Preparation of your Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet is made possible by the trial balance bringing together all the balances of your various ledger accounts.

Win Accounting makes it easy for you to select a specific accounting month to print from – or select the “Annual” option to receive an overview of the entire accounting period.

Save and export your Trial Balance for easy analysis and evaluation.

Balance Sheet

Report your company’s assets, liabilities and shareholder’s equity at a specified point of time using the Balance Sheet.

Receive important financial ratios from the balance sheet – use the valuable analysis to detect important trends and stay ahead of your competitors!

For example, the balance sheet can make it easier for you to examine your Liquidity Ratio (your current assets divided by your current liabilities) – this can then be used to determine your company’s ability to pay its current bills.

Easily print and export the Balance Sheet Report, as well as the Notes to the Balances Sheet Report for a specific month, or for the entire accounting period.

Income Statement

While the Balance Sheet Report provides a snapshot of your company’s financials for a specific date, the Income Statement reports on company revenues and expenses for a particular period.

An income statement typically focuses on four key items: revenues, expenses, gains and losses, breaking your data down until only net income remains.

This offers you vital information and analysis regarding financial flexibility, risk, return on investment and the operating capabilities of your business.

Easily print and export the Income Statement Report, as well as the Notes to the Income Statement Report for a specific month, or for the entire accounting period.

Win Accounting also lets you print the above two reports with Budgets included to aid with more in-depth business analysis

Chart of Accounts

Your Chart of Accounts (COA) is a financial organisational tool that provides a complete listing of every account and transaction in your accounting system.

Win Accounting provides different formats and versions of the Chart of Accounts Report, all providing their own unique and specific analysis – Chart of Accounts Reports variations include:

> Chart Listing (all your accounts, ordered by account code or alphabetically)
> Data Accounts Listing (view data-only accounts within your COA)
> Data Accounts with Actual/Budget/Forecast Summary

(Last Updated: 12 May, 2020)

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