Smart Commission Tracking from Win Accounting

Win Accounting’s smart commission management software, available within the Debtor’s Control Management Module, is easy to use and designed to help save you time and money.

Automate the accounting and administration of sales commission payments, track sales performance and use the data found within Win Accounting’s Sales Statistics Reports to strengthen your sales team.

Creating and assigning unique Salesman Codes is simple, providing you with the option to set the commission percentage, as well as the commission type.

Begin by selecting “Salesman Codes” under the Accounts Receivable Maintenance tab

Commission Management Software Step 1 - Select Salesman Codes on the Debtors Control Management Maintenance tab

This brings up the Browse Salesman Codes window, allowing you to view, edit, delete or add new Sales Codes.

Commission Management Software Step 2 - Browse your unique salesman codes, add new ones or edit existing codes with ease

Browsing the Salesman Codes also provides a quick-view of all the active members of your sales team, providing the commission percent and commission type (either commission due on Gross Profit or Nett Profit).

Click Insert to add a new Salesman Code

Commission Management Software Step 3 - Choose the commission percent and commission type

Here you have the option of setting the unique code, adding a sales person description, setting the commission percent as well as the commission type.

Implementing the Commission Management Software

Now when creating your invoices, simply select the specific salesman responsible for the sale, and let Win Accounting do all the hard work for you!

You can also set the default salesman when creating an invoice, allowing you to further speed up the accounting process.

Win Accounting offers over 30 flexible accounting reports to help you better visualise and connect with your business data.

The Salesman Analysis Report enables you to enhance the efficiency and ensure the success of your sales team.

Besides the Salesman Analysis Report, Win Accounting’s Debtor’s Control Module offers a number of other useful Sales Statistics Reports.

These allow you to receive real-time information about your products, sales team, customers or transactions.

Some of the most popular Debtor Control Accounting Reports include:

  • Product Analysis Report that makes it possible to assign cost and revenues to your products to easily recognise your most profitable items, as well as slow-moving inventory
  • Customer Analysis Report, perfect for boosting customer retention rates by identifying your top clients so that you can put incentives in place to keep them coming back for more
  • Debtor’s Control Report that makes it easy to filter, track and explore every single business transaction with ease

Use this data to devise the absolute best strategic and financial decisions for your company!

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